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29 January, 2009

OC team for SIMS 2009

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OC team for next SIMS was created. Who will prepare an unforgettable SIMS 2009 for old members and members to be?

Neja Činkole is OCP (BB), Gregor Horvat works on the field of finances, Petra Kregar works on ER, Damjan Peric works in the field of communications, Sara Drgan is occupied with logistics and Petra Črnivec is responsible for events.







27 January, 2009

LC meeting on 20th January 2009

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At first Klara welcomed us and than Neja presented and inspired us with the promotional video about gathering an OC for the SIMS (it will be held in March). After that – two members of AIESEC Ljubljana were awarded for their contribution to the organization. The famous two were Neja Činkole and Gregor Horvat. There was also one person that wanted us to be encouraged to take on the role of LCP. This person was Branko – LCP of AIESEC Niš. All our teams presented their work and some major things happened. Project Cultural connecting had their first school day, External relations team organized new meetings with companies and Finance team got money from the student organization in Ljubljana. We also talked about KOMISP (motivational seminar), about CEEMOS in Sarajevo, and of members of »imaginative« EB.

14 January, 2009

LC Meeting, 13th January 2009

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First Klara remembered us on LCP position and showed us a clip about being an LCP.


Neja remembered us on OCP function on next SIMS. She needs a team so she invited members to cooperate on next SIMS.


TM team is preparing team building and Urša is working on awards for members. TM, together with Damjan from Communication team had also created a blog.

Communication team did promotions of countries where to go on exchange and promotion of Slovenia. They also created Wiki page of LC Ljubljana, they created newsletter.

ER Team challenged members to find new connections: each member was challenged to find/make a contact with people that work in companies and arrange meeting(s) with them.

Finances are preparing Budget training: Gregor will talk about budgeting and cash flow. Training will be on Thursday at 10am on Kersnikova 4.

X Team was dealing with matching. There are 45 EPs winter pocket recruitment; 8 applicants are suitable.

CC presented their goals that are headed to children and practiciants. They would like to get 3 schools for 3 practiciants. To do so, they already contacted 45 schools and they have 2 arranged meetings. But they exposed one problem: they have no finances for realization (500€/EP/month).

Klara talked about work of EB. They are preparing myaiesec day, English test and OPS for EPs. AIESECers can participate.



Clip about a team & team spirit,

What is a team? (Interactive discussion).

Culture of a team,

Common vision – where are we going?

Personal and professional bounding – social activities and professional tools;

Clear roles and responsibilities – everyone should be accountable for something;

Effective communication – one of the biggest challenges in a diverse team (exercise on that);

Aiguls’ experiences.

10 January, 2009

@ Slovenia: MCP 09/10

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Our LCP Klara Grintal is an MCP 09/10 candidate for AIESEC Slovenia.


Klara, LC Ljubljana believes in you and wishes you all the best in the election process. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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