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25 February, 2009


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Aiesec Ljubljana got new LCP: ŽIGA KLAJNŠEK




12 February, 2009


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Members that are going to CEEMOS please use forum at in order to organize and coordinate a trip.


LC Ljubljana meeting on 10th January 2009

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X team: they matched a TN, they talked about matching mania, about competition inside of the group;

ER team: they raised new TN and got one new learning partner;

CC project: they are raising new TNs (2 schools) – their goal is fulfilled;

COMM team: they are preparing promotion of recruitment and of matching mania. They are preparing a web training;


3 tracks: Leadership, Newies and OPS.


It is obligatory to help them

Duration: 16th of February – 25th of February

It is important that we all speak about the same thing: WHAT ARE WE SELLING??

A) ABOUT THE BRAND – How to promote AIECSEC (by Ines):

· First impression is important: you have to believe that AIESEC is the first choice.

· To present the best possible picture of AIESEC by shoving typical characteristics of an AIESECer: 1. Be creative; approach – invite them to info stand; 2. Communication must be clear, positive, optimistic, try not to use typical AIESEC words (like MC, OC, LCP..); 3. The way of speaking – your style – be relaxed:; 4. Amount of text: short, clear; 5. show tolerance to different kinds of people; 6. Be informed – you need to know AIESEC Ljubljana; 7. What is not allowed to do? Sitting, hiding, leaving earlier than agreed, not coming, talking too much with people you know lack of motivation and don’t use primitive vocabulary. Use materials.

B) ABOUT AIESEC: practice elevator pitch: present AIESEC in very short time (Anže).

· First we ask a student if he/she knows AIESEC.

· Net: AIESEC is the biggest students run international organization in the world. It has 32 000 members in more than 100 countries. AIESEC makes 4500 exchanges pro year.

· AIESEC opportunities: leadership skills and other skills, exchange, conferences (350 international conferences pro year), networking.

· AIESEC for everyone – you should adapt presentation to specific student.

· Ask questions.


· What are we offering to interns? -1. Professional and cultural experience; 2. 4 kinds of traineeships: management (do not promote that:J), technical trainer ship (IT, engineering), development and educational exchange.

· Standards that EB should cover in order to be selected? He needs to do the English test, interviews, myAIESEC day / dynamics groups, OPS (= outgoing preparation seminar – here they get to know the base how to do an X, how to overcome the cultural shock, how to present Slovenia, AIESEC insert them in the system). They should not be over 30;

· How long: 2 – 18 months and as many time as they want;

· How much do EP have to pay?: 120€ (English test, OPS, the use of the system, support of AIESEC, one local and one national seminars are included in that price). You pay just one fee.

· By going on X by AIESEC one has help there, he / she is never alone.

1 February, 2009

LC Meeting on 30th January, 2009

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1. Results of the assessment that we did before the NY were represented, especially about the LCM. So base on your assessment and suggestions LC LJ will try to improve LCM.

2. Presentation of teams: CC project has one new school and ER raised new TN. We were also reminded to fill the excel file that Anže sent even if we write no.

3. We went over our LC goals.

4. More info: do the competency model till the 15th of February, that means not that you just send your competency model to five people, but that till the 15th you get back the results from 5 people (that you have your 360° competency model done), because this are the results that you will need to send to:

Are we going to CEEMOS or not??????????? Go and check the forum, use it and let’s go:

Peer coaching: are you using it???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog: make comments and if you want to publish something, send it to Petra:

5. Team building: because there was just 19 members (nina tome, žiga, andrej, urša piculin, damir, gregor, martina, nina tekavčič, sandra, nasta šimunič, maša, urša boldin, jure in EB) we did not have. Thank you for members who apologise for missing (petra č., tina, neja, urša, jan, bernarda, petra k., polona and marko d.).

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