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19 April, 2009

lc meeting on 14th April 2009

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DATE and TIME: 14.4.2009 at 19:30

PLACE: P-110 at Faculty of Economics Ljubljana

Subjects discussed on LCM:

Ø Welcoming all members

Ø Presenting activities within functional groups of AIESEC Ljubljana

Ø Presenting DT Fan club (interneship in Asian countries)

Ø Evaluation of EB members

Ø Relaxation (dancing Tunak)

Minute secretary: Tina Milić

Vice President of Talent Managemet: Anja Vrančič


12 April, 2009

words from ANja, our VPTM

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I am Anja, 1/6 of EB Ljubljana 08/09 and I am responsible for Talent Management. I must say that being in EB this year really brought me an amazing experience. I really learn what it means to work in a team, to depend on one another, to be responsible for your own work. I also manage my own team for TM area 🙂 yea time management is important and this year I leaned how much. I will never regret my decision of being in AIESEC and in EB, because of this I met so many new interesting people and gain so many experiences that helped me also know myself better.
If you do not try it you do not know.


9 April, 2009

enpro project has been bussy.. check on amazing conferences they prepared!

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EnPro round tables: Expansion of Slovenian enterprises to Russian and Chinese market

Expansion of Slovenian enterprises to Chinese market

Within the sphere of EnPro project’s activities, AIESEC organized its first round table this year, which was adressing one of the world’s fastest-growing economies – China.The event was being held at the University of Economics in Ljubljana, on 10th of March 2009, at 6pm. Approximetely 50 students attended the event.

The main topic of round table was international business. Answers and explanations were given by experts, slovenian entrepreneurs and representatives of slovenian companies, who were Mr. Zlatan Ranđelović (Andaz Global Solutions), Mr. Marko Jare (GZS), Mr. Tomaž Korošec (Gorenje), Miss Anja Lemut (Le-Tehnika) and Mr. Marjan Svetličič (Faculty of Social Sciences). They explained by examples what we should be aware of when we are expanding our business to China and what are the most essential advantages and business and cultural habits that could influence our business there. They emphasized that China is destined to everyone who has a solution key to a specific problem and who is innovative in a process of doing business. Nowadays, Chinese language is becoming a world language and that is also very important factor on which our business success depends. More over, when we decide to do business in China, we should be concentrated on smaller series of production and on the internal parts of the country which are still not saturated.

In addition, China is a country of great business opportunities and by understanding facts about China and cultural differences, we can better develop a global perspective. We believe that after what we have learned from guest’s experiences and given recommendations, we are one step closer to understandig that.

Author: Vernesa Šabić

Expansion of Slovenian enterprises to Russian market

Round table about the expansion of Slovenian companies to Russia took place on Tuesday, 24th March 2009, at the Faculty of Economics. Round-table was headed by Mr. Aleš Cantarutti (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia), who coordinated conversation between Mr. Vadim N. Gorelov, Vice- Consul of Russian Federation, Mr. Saša Marinič (ETI d.o.o.), Mr. Antej Levaj (Energoplan holding d.o.o.) and Mr. Roman Rojc (SID Bank).

“When you come to Russia try to get rid of all the prejudices and stereotypes that you have heard about Russians”, said Mr. Levaj. Great example of acting like that is Mr. Gorelov, who have overcome stereotypes about Slovenia and its citizens and reached even greater cooperation between our countries. Second advice that shared our guests was the fact that Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world and this should be aware also Slovenian companies that would like to expand there. Guests also emphasized that entrepreneurs should not underestimate the Russian market and have to come to meetings prepared and “armed” with all the information that are available.

Throughout our guests shared their experience and anecdotes, which I believe have made an unforgettable impression on every listener. Indeed, we recommend that you open a book of Russian author and continue to create your own path in the culture and customs of that huge and mysterious country.

Author: Andrej Čebela


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