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27 November, 2009


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AIESEC promoted itself also on Kariera fair which was held during the days 25th and 26th of November.


26 November, 2009

LC Meeting on 24th of November 2009

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Subjects on LCM:

  • SIMS reflection
  • OCP for CC announcement

Sara is the new OCP for Cultural Connecting

  • moving to TR stage

All the newies are true members now, so it’s time to move to the Taking Responsibility stage

  • solving Global Competency Model

To find out through a self-assesment how strongly you show your four main characteristis.

If you haven’t solved yours you can do that on selecting

Profile => My development => My competencies

click  Create competency assessment tool and then contribute (the violet botton)


critical competencies : Inclusiveness, Awareness of others

supporting competencies: Self awareness, Flexible thinking, Effective communication


critical competencies :  Innovation, Resilience

supporting competencies: Commitment to results, Stakeholder focus, Effective communication, Flexible thinking


critical competencies : Stakeholder focus, Commitment to results

supporting competencies: Self awareness, Inclusiveness, Developing others, Awareness of others


critical competencies : Self awareness, Flexible thinking, Developing others

supporting competencies: Effective communication, Personal Effectivness

If you want to know more check  the wiki on

  • Kariera Sejem

AIESEC will promote itself also on Kariera fair.

  • Banka Koper

Banka Koper is a partner of AIESEC and for each member that opens a BankaIn account there and makes three transactions (ie you deposit 10€ and buy twice chewing gum with Banka Koper card) AIESEC gets 40€. So get your own account.  You don’t have to do much and it costs you nothing to make AIESEC Ljubljana richer.

25 November, 2009

Autumn SIMS 2009

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During 20th-22nd of November LC Ljubljana attended the Autumn SIMS conference. The delegates attending the conference were from all three Slovenian LCs and from LC Graz, Austria.

On Friday, was almost the whole devoted to AIESEC Partners lectures. There were present lecturers from companies ATKearney, Triple S, P&G and Banka Koper.  In the evening the delegates divided into three tracks – Newie, OPS and TtT. The finished with the Gala dinner and cap party afterwards

On Saturday all delegates very busy the whole day on their respective tracks. In the evening one of the three most active delegates was awarded with an excursion provided by Collegium. It continued with the Global Village and White sensation Party.

Sunday was also a very busy day and even more effort was required to follow actively in all the track after a long pary night.

More you can see in the pictures

20 November, 2009

LC Meeting on 17th of November 2009

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Subjects on LCM:

  • Banka Koper presentation
  • AIESEC Way revision
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