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28 December, 2009

LC Meeting 15th of December 2009

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    • COM
      • Creating Christmas cards
      • Creating a promo video
      • Updating Facebook profile
      • Creating promo for Winter Pocket Exchange
    • F
      • Gathering information about donations (
      • Creating database of possible sponsors
      • Dealing with legal issues for non-students
    • ER
      • CC – Global village
      • MT – Contacting companies
      • ENPRO – / 
    • ICX
      • Visa research
      • Contacting MZZ (Ministry of Foreign Affaires)
    • OGX – 2 EPs are going to Spain and India
    • TM
      • Creating a plan for next year
      • Planning rewards
      • Planning parties
      • Dealing with legal issues for non-students






Happy holidays everyone!

24 December, 2009

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Subject on LCM  (8.12.2009)

Functional reports:


  • training for communication
  • postcards for partners
  • team day



  • meeting simulation
  • exchange training
  • two conctracts with 2 kindergarten
  • looking for new sponsors


  • meeting simulation


  • meeting simulation
  • promotion emails
  • phone calls


  • financing projects
  • searching for founding opportunities
  • seeking the best way to pay non-students


  • exchange training (how to mach in-out comings)
  • explained exchange flow


  • every one got IP persson
  • talked AIESEC in general


  • scouting opportunities for members
  • analysed motivation tests
  • organized skiing trip (in Vienna)
  • working on the reward and recognition project
  • planned a party with management groupe

6 December, 2009

Comm meeting 1.12.2009

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Hello, hello…

We had our usual meeting on 1.12.2009. Some of the people were missing, but we still managed to discuss the main problems, ideas and plans… 🙂

The first topic that we have discussed was Kariera, where we were reperesenting AIESEC last week. The main problem was that there was just one person avaliable on the booth most of the time. So, we’ve comed to the conclusion that we should be more prepared for the next year.

The next task was the task for PR part of the Comm team. They have to find as many as possible new media, where we could promote AIESEC. For instance, online promotion (such as social portals or some other web pages, which are often visited by students/target group –,, etc…) Another interesting idea was cooperation with “Študenstki servis Lj/Mb/e”. We would not pay for the promotion – we would cooperate mutual, because we have almost the same target group.

Last but not least was the design task. Since the holidays are coming, we have to create charming christmas cards for AIESEC business partners. 🙂

Just short notice! This week we are having ‘html lectures’, which are a must for information system, but it will be definitely interesting for all of you. So, you are welcome to come!

That’s all from Comm team … for now.

P&G Negotiation Skills, četrtek 10.12.

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V četrtek, 10.12. imamo ponovno super predavanje z našim partnerjem Procter&Gamble! Tokrat se bomo 1,5 ure pogovarjali o Negotiation Skills.

To se vsekakor veščine, ki vam bodo prav prišle v AIESEC-u in tudi kasneje v vaši karieri. Predavanje bo na Ekonomski fakulteti v Ljubljani v predavalnici  P-006, začnemo ob 15ih in končamo ob 16.30.

Prosim potrdite svoje udeležbo.

Se vidmo!

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